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I have openly criticized the government and the scientific community in Brazil and suffered the consequences. Individuals who openly criticize the government or powerful institutions in Brazil may also face obstacles in gaining visibility, as they may be targeted for repression or censorship.


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Fairy tales

Disclaimer: The stories presented on this website are fictional fairy tales intended for entertainment purposes only. They should not be taken as medical advice or used as a substitute for professional medical treatment or advice. While the stories may contain references to medical conditions and treatments, they are not intended to provide medical advice or diagnosis. Always consult a qualified healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition. The website owners, authors, and publishers of these stories are not responsible for any actions taken based on the information presented in these stories.

The Allergic Crab's Himalayan Adventure

The Allergic Crab's Himalayan Adventure is a humorous story about a crab named Cheryl who believes sea salt contains seafood traces, including other crabs, making it cannibalistic to consume. To avoid allergic reactions, she moves to the Himalayan mountains and meets a seagull who carries her there. Cheryl discovers that Himalayan salt is safe to consume and falls in love with another crab named Chester, who has the same allergy. They both learn that they are allergic to tropomyosin, a protein present in seafood and sea water. The story ends on a happy note with Cheryl and Chester enjoying their new life together and the seagull who helped Cheryl finding a new friend.

The Cryptographer Hedgehog Who Discovered He Was a Vampire Bat

The story follows the adventures of Hedy, a cryptographer hedgehog who creates a program that uses cryptography to protect people's privacy. Hedy is a strong advocate of privacy and the founder of the Libertarian Party of his country. However, he realizes that his program is being misused for criminal activities, so he decides to make the information public to reduce crime rates. Along the way, he meets a girlfriend who reveals to him that he has porphyria, and he is actually a vampire bat. Hedy and his girlfriend exchange information about cryptography and how to live a vampire bat's life, leading to a happy and humorous ending.

Allergic Princess Rose and the Sorceress's Potion

The fairy tale Allergic Princess Rose and the Sorceress's Potion is about a princess who has a severe allergy to the external part of seeds, causing her to break out in hives and experience throat swelling whenever she eats them. One day, she bites into a seed and suffers an allergic reaction, leading her mother, the queen, to seek the help of a sorceress.

The sorceress creates a potion that can help Princess Rose manage her allergy symptoms by reducing inflammation and preventing anaphylaxis. The potion acts as an antihistamine and also contains epinephrine, which can be used in case of a severe allergic reaction.

The external part of a seed that can cause an allergic reaction in some people is called the seed coat or seed skin. This outer layer of the seed can contain proteins that are similar in structure to pollen, which can trigger an allergic reaction in individuals with pollen allergies or oral allergy syndrome.

Through the use of the potion and proper management of her condition, Princess Rose is able to lead a healthy and active life. The story emphasizes the importance of seeking medical treatment for allergies and managing symptoms with appropriate medication and lifestyle changes.

The Crab with Porphyria: A Tale of Snacks and Sanity

The Crab with Porphyria: A Tale of Snacks and Sanity is a funny story about a forgetful crab named Carl who suffers from porphyria, a condition that causes acute attacks when his glucose levels are low. After having a breakdown on the beach, Carl realizes that he needs to take better care of himself and sets reminders to eat regularly. Through his newfound organization and snack planning, Carl learns to manage his porphyria and regain his sanity.

Charlie the Chimp: A Tale of Allergies, POIS, and Self-Discovery

Charlie, a curious and intelligent chimpanzee, is discovered to have a rare dog dander allergy, which causes inflammation near his prostate. He also has an allergy to semen, which leads to post-orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS). His parents and researchers consult with medical experts and prescribe risperidone to manage his symptoms, but it causes adverse side effects. Charlie takes matters into his own hands and researches alternative treatments, eventually finding that changes to his diet and taking desvenlafaxine helps manage his allergies and depression without causing any adverse side effects. He lives a fulfilling life, inspiring others to take control of their own health and seek out solutions that work for them.

Quinoa Salad, Flourless Cake, and Nutty Friends: Lily's Allergy Adventure

This one is one of my favorites.

In "The Allergy-Proof Potluck: A Tale of Creativity and Kindness," a young woman named Lily with a severe birch pollen allergy attends a potluck party with her friends. Her friends go out of their way to ensure that Lily can enjoy delicious food without triggering her allergy, and they creatively come up with alternatives to foods containing proteins like casein, legumin, and gluten. Lily goes home feeling happy and grateful for her supportive friends.

The Mind-Bending Plant: Lily's Journey to Creativity and Fame

"The Mind-Bending Plant: Lily's Journey to Creativity and Fame" is a fun story about a young girl named Lily who discovers a mysterious plant with unique effects on her mind. She writes a research paper about the plant's effects on creativity, which is published in DOI 10.3389/fpsyt.2020.620097. Lily becomes famous for her groundbreaking research and starts her own business selling the plant's products to artists and creatives. Her discovery changes the world of art and creativity forever, thanks to the mysterious plant and her published research.

The Playful Scientist: Dr. Glutamate's Pranks and Discoveries

This one is one of my favorites.

Dr. Glutamate, a scientist studying the brain's connection to emotions, accidentally creates a serum that smells like candy. He uses the serum to play a prank on his lab assistant by labeling it "Depression Be-Gone Serum." From that day forward, Dr. Glutamate approaches his research with a sense of humor and lightheartedness, making his lab a more playful and enjoyable place to work. Despite the serious nature of his work, he never forgets the importance of fun and laughter in maintaining a happy and healthy mind.

Tom's Tech Addiction: A Cautionary Tale of Electromagnetic Radiation and its Harmful Effects

This one is one of my favorites.

This is a cautionary tale about a man named Tom who was addicted to technology and neglected the potential health risks associated with excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Tom's health soon began to deteriorate due to the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, leaving him bedridden and unable to live the vibrant life he once had. The story highlights the importance of being aware of the potential risks associated with technology and taking measures to protect oneself from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Betrayed by Blood: The Family of Spies

"Betrayed by Blood: The Family of Spies" is a suspenseful tale about Jack, a successful businessman, whose family has been turned into spies. His family secretly poisons him with an unknown substance that leads to severe psychiatric problems. Jack is locked up in a psychiatric hospital, and his family continues to watch him from afar. However, a nurse discovers the truth, and Jack's family is charged with attempted murder. Jack recovers, but the experience leaves him with a newfound distrust of those closest to him.

The Magnificent Magnet: A Tale of Control and Liberation

The Magnificent Magnet is a fun and quirky story about a man named Pedro who was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Brazil and had a chip implanted on his left side that controlled his vagus nerve. The government controlled the implanted chip using radio frequency from a wireless doorbell, causing Pedro severe bowel problems and depression. However, Pedro found out that he could reset the chip by using a refrigerator magnet and removing the wireless doorbell from power on the wall. This newfound power led Pedro to become obsessed with the doorbell and eventually become a hero in his town by teaching others how to control their own chips using household items.

The Allergy Warrior

The Allergy Warrior is the inspiring story of Dr. John, a Nobel prize nominated PhD economist, who overcomes a decade of suffering from bowel inflammation and psychiatric problems caused by an unknown allergy. After struggling to find answers from multiple medical doctors, he turns to an artificial intelligence created by Elon Musk to diagnose and cure himself of Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). Later, Dr. John discovers that he also has a birch pollen allergy, which requires him to avoid a variety of foods. However, with resilience and perseverance, he learns how to manage his allergies and discovers a new passion for cooking. This ultimately leads him to success in his groundbreaking work on developing a next-generation artificial intelligence for blockchain technology.

The Healing Power of a Cactus

The Healing Power of a Cactus is a story about Jack, a man with porphyria and OAS who becomes the subject of a boycott and investigation by the intelligence community of Brazil. Through it all, Jack finds solace in the simple act of watering the cactus his girlfriend gave him in a book club meeting. As he tends to the plant, he becomes mentally stable and finds a sense of peace and stability in his life. Despite the challenges he faces, Jack remains resilient and emerges from the experience with a renewed appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

The Fantastic Four Proteins

The Fantastic Four Proteins is a fun story about Milk, Eggs, Chicken, and Red Meat, who were asked to help create a new protein shake for athletes. While Milk, Eggs, and Chicken were already known for their albumin-rich protein content, Red Meat felt left out because it didn't contain albumin. However, the scientists realized that Red Meat's myoglobin could also be a valuable addition to the protein shake. The Fantastic Four Proteins were then known for creating a unique and powerful blend of proteins that helped athletes build muscle and recover faster.

Jack and Rebecca were sitting on the couch, discussing their latest research findings. As they talked, Jack couldn't help but feel a strong connection to Rebecca. He took a deep breath and confessed that he had feelings for her.

Rebecca was taken aback but also excited by Jack's revelation. She had been harboring feelings for him for a while and was thrilled to hear that he felt the same way.

As they sat together, Jack explained his latest research on the correlation between tree nut allergies, atopic dermatitis, cocamidopropyl betaine allergy, IMS (body weight and height), and a type of autism, all of which may be linked to a mutation on the fillagrin gene. He talked about his passion for genetics and how he hoped their work could one day lead to breakthrough treatments for people suffering from these conditions.

Rebecca was impressed by Jack's dedication and commitment to his work, and she felt even more drawn to him. They spent the rest of the evening talking about their hopes and dreams, both for their research and for their relationship. It was a moment they would never forget, the beginning of a beautiful love story.