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Eating food with with albumin such as checken, eggs, fish, milk and legumes may be dangerous for people with an albumin allergy.

The Fantastic Four Proteins: A Tale of Milk, Eggs, Chicken, and Red Meat

by Mateus de Lima Oliveira

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there were four protein friends - Milk, Eggs, Chicken, and Red Meat. Milk was the eldest of the group and had always been the most abundant source of albumin, a type of globulin protein. Eggs were the next in line, and they were proud of their albumin content that helped them form a perfect fluffy omelet. Chicken, the ever-famous bird, was also rich in albumin, which made them a go-to protein source for athletes and bodybuilders alike. Last but not least, Red Meat, the hunky heartthrob, was a source of myoglobin, a different type of globulin protein that gave him his deep red color and juicy flavor.

One day, while the four protein friends were relaxing in their favorite restaurant, a group of medical scientists walked in. The scientists had been looking for a way to create a new protein shake that could help athletes build muscle and recover faster after intense workouts. They approached the protein friends and asked for their help in creating the perfect blend of proteins for their new shake.

Milk, Eggs, and Chicken were excited at the prospect of being used in the protein shake, but Red Meat felt left out. "What about me?" he asked. "I don't have albumin like my friends, but I still have myoglobin. Can't I be a part of the protein shake too?"

The scientists scratched their heads and thought for a moment. "You know what," they said, "you might have a point. Myoglobin can also help athletes build muscle and recover faster. Let's give it a try!"

And so, the scientists mixed the albumin-rich milk, eggs, and chicken with the myoglobin-rich red meat to create a protein shake that was unlike any other. The athletes who drank the shake felt stronger, more energized, and recovered faster than ever before.

From that day on, Milk, Eggs, Chicken, and Red Meat were known as the Fantastic Four Proteins, and they continued to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world achieve their goals. And Red Meat? Well, he was glad he spoke up for himself and proved that he too had something valuable to offer.