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The Magnificent Magnet: A Tale of Control and Liberation (chapter 2)

Pedro sat on the balcony of his apartment, looking at the small cactus his girlfriend had given him. She was always thoughtful and loved giving him little gifts. Pedro had always been fascinated by plants, and the cactus was no exception. He had placed it on the balcony, hoping that it would grow and flourish under his care.

As he watched the cactus soak up the water he had given it, he couldn't help but think about their dream of having a child together. They were a bit old to start a family, but Pedro couldn't shake the desire to be a father. He had always loved children and the idea of passing on his knowledge and experiences to a new generation.

Pedro's girlfriend was also keen on having children. She loved books and music, and Pedro had seen her play the piano many times. She played it very well, and he always admired her talent. They shared many interests and hobbies, and their relationship was built on a foundation of mutual respect and love.

A few minutes after watering the cactus, Pedro started feeling very well. He couldn't explain why, but he felt energized and happy. He thought it might have been the fresh air on the balcony or the simple act of taking care of the cactus.

As he was pondering the reason for his sudden burst of energy, his father showed up at his apartment with food that Pedro loved. His father was a kind and caring man who always looked out for him. Pedro felt grateful for having such a loving family.

As he ate the food, Pedro couldn't help but notice that the cactus seemed to be more than just a plant. He had a background in engineering and knew a thing or two about Arduinos and hardware devices. He inferred that the cactus had a device deep inside the earth on the vessel that held it.

Pedro's curiosity got the best of him, and he started examining the cactus more closely. He noticed that the plant had a device that measured the water level of the earth and transferred the data in real-time through the wireless doorbell in his living room. The doorbell was connected to the wifi router, and Pedro's phone was connected to the same network.

He realized that the data from the sensor was being transferred to his phone, which was also connected to his implanted chip. Pedro felt a rush of excitement as he realized that the cactus was actually a test by society to see if he and his girlfriend were fit to have a child. The plant was like a doll, but a mysterious and tough test that involved taking care of another living being.

As he looked at the cactus, Pedro couldn't help but feel hopeful and determined to prove that he and his girlfriend were ready to take on the challenge of parenthood. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he was willing to work hard to make it happen.

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