Allergic Princess Rose and the Sorceress's Potion

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Rose who lived in a magnificent castle in a far-off kingdom. Rose was a happy and adventurous girl, but she had a secret that she kept hidden from everyone - she had a severe allergy to the external part of seeds. Every time she ate a seed, she would break out in hives and her throat would start to swell.

One day, Rose decided to go for a walk in the castle gardens. As she was strolling along, she saw a tree with the most beautiful seeds she had ever seen. The seeds were round and shiny, with a delicate outer layer that glistened in the sunlight.

Rose couldn't resist. She picked up one of the seeds and took a bite out of it. But as soon as she did, she felt a strange sensation in her mouth. Her lips began to swell, and her throat started to itch.

Panicking, Rose ran back to the castle, where her mother, the queen, was waiting for her. The queen knew immediately what had happened - Rose had a condition called oral allergy syndrome, or OAS, which meant that her immune system was reacting to a protein in the seed that was similar to pollen.

The queen was determined to help her daughter. She called upon the kingdom's greatest healers, but none of them knew how to cure Rose's condition. The queen was heartbroken - she couldn't bear to see her daughter suffer like this.

But then, a wise old woman came to the castle. She was a sorceress, and she had traveled the world in search of powerful remedies. The queen asked her if she knew of anything that could cure Rose's condition, and the sorceress replied that she did.

The sorceress had a potion that could neutralize the protein in the seed that caused Rose's allergic reaction. The queen was overjoyed, and she asked the sorceress to prepare the potion right away.

The sorceress worked her magic, and soon the potion was ready. The queen gave it to Rose, and she drank it eagerly. At first, nothing happened. But then, Rose felt a strange sensation in her mouth. The itching and swelling began to fade away, and soon she felt like her old self again.

Overjoyed, Rose hugged her mother and thanked the sorceress for her help. She knew that she would never be able to eat the outer layer of seeds again, but she was grateful that she could at least enjoy the inner part without fear of an allergic reaction.

From that day forward, Rose and the queen worked tirelessly to spread the word about OAS, so that other people who suffered from this condition could get the help they needed. And they never forgot the kind sorceress who had saved Rose's life. They knew that they owed her a great debt, and they vowed to repay her by helping others in need whenever they could.